My job has to be one of the most rewarding on the planet.  Not only do I get to work with amazing people, but they allow me in to their lives so I can be a part of their get-healthy transformations.

When people are feeling better and eating well, their overall happiness begins to change.  We go from external needs, to internal wants.  And that is a wonderful feeling.  Imagine looking in the mirror and being happy with yourself and your accomplishments .

Regardless of where you are in life, making positive changes can only bring positive results.

Whether you are working too many hours, stuck on the couch, or running marathons, from never  using a stove to being an amazing chef… all that matters is that you are ready to make changes in how you feel.  Wellness education starts where you are at.

But don’t just listen to me, look at some of these testimonials and quotes from people who have made huge changes in their own lives after participating in Falling in Happy coaching or classes.


“I came to Nita feeling overwhelmed and helpless. 

I could not get my binge eating under control.  My weight was creeping up and my body was changing in ways I didn’t like.  Feeling helpless, I reached out to Nita, knowing she is a wellness coach.  From the first day she was positive and supportive, yet firm.  But instead of “eat this/don’t eat that,”  Nita was able to help me discover my reasons for overeating and gave me the tools and support to help me change.  While I came to her simply wanting to lose weight and stop binging, she helped me gain confidence and respect for myself, and we realized together I was over consuming alcohol and we worked through that too.  Nita focuses on the whole picture to change behaviors for the long term.  I look back and am amazed with the changes I have made.  Although my program is over, I now have the tools to confront difficult food situations as they arise.  Talking to Nita was like talking to a friend–she always made me feel supported and comfortable.  She was always easy to reach by e-mail or text, which were my preferred methods of communicating.  And she has an extensive knowledge of behavior, psychology, and nutrition.  Best of all, Nita took the time and effort to get to know me and to create a truly individualized plan, and I have no doubt she will do the same for anyone looking to improve their health.”  



I’ve tried different options before, but felt like I owed it to myself to do this one different.  I shouldn’t be shocked that I had a major breakthrough while on this short journey, but I am.  

I want to thank you for everything:  

  • For your mindful listening and patience, without which I would not have found my breakthrough. Nor would I have been able to make such speedy progress!  
  • For your consistency to remind me “are you being empowered or are you feeling controlled?” 
  • For showing me that my thoughts about health can change in as little as 6 weeks time; therefore, my future goals should not be set in stone either.  
  • For not judging me where I was or for how hard I was making it for myself. 
  • And for always finding a way to see the “amazing” in my week.

You are so very caring.  There are so many canned solutions to getting healthy, but you are a breath of fresh air with your concepts and ideas.  Mostly I believe because you listened to who I was as a person, you were able to reach me where I was.  It was not nearly as difficult as I imagined in the beginning, not even close to being hard.

~Beth S.


“I am a busy school teacher and coach at 2 wonderful Crossfit boxes in Birmingham, Alabama. For the last few years I have been an on-again-off-again Paleo addict. Whenever I would go strict Paleo my performance would often suffer in the gym. In March of this year,  I decided to switch over to a plant based diet (vegan). The first few months were difficult. I would lose weight and my performance in the gym would suffer or my performance would increase but I would gain weight. In July I reached out to a friend who referred me to a nutritionist. However he quickly informed me that I would not be successful as a weigh lifter unless I started consuming meat again or at the very least switch to vegetarian. I voiced my frustration online and that is how I found Nita. She worked with me on not only improving my diet but also encouraged me to take time for me to relax and heal my body. She supported me in my decision to remain plant based and was able to share many helpful hints in order for me to lean out. Recently I competed in my first weight lifting meet at the ripe age of 34 years young. With Nita’s help I was able to drop 9 pounds and place 3rd in the meet. I am forever grateful for all of the wisdom and support that Nita provided me. Also for the yummy recipes.”

~Catherine M.


Fabulous speaker and even the kids learned stuff and had a great time!!  Thanks Ms. Nita you rock! ~Katie


“I’m suddenly feeling happy for no reason, so glad I did this and hard to see it ending” ~Theresa


“What a knowledgable lady! Love listening to her advice!!”  ~ Heather


“Ever since starting my Paleo journey, it has been a struggle. Trying to make the transition to cleaner, healthier eating, I found myself getting stuck in binge cycles and negative thought patterns around food in my effort to try to get it right. I reached out to Nita for help to find balance with eating and thinking about food differently. Nita is amazing! She is so easy to talk to. She never judges and she makes me feel normal in my struggles. She is so encouraging and inspiring. Her spirit and positive attitude is contagious! She has given me concrete short term and long terms goals based on what I want to achieve. She has also provided recipes to try, and challenges to make me address how I think about food and the choices I make. She’s been working with me on finding what works for my body. And we don’t just talk about food. We’ve addressed managing stress and the to do list, and finding time to play. I truly underestimated how helpful this process would be. Nita is accessible by email through this process which has been tremendously helpful when I am having a difficult day. I encourage anyone who needs that support in making positive changes to work with Nita. She’s just an awesome person all around!”



“Nita is a great coach, she offered lots of good advice and tips on how to work toward a healthier lifestyle.  Some of the stuff I didn’t want to hear but I know it’s all good for me, I’m just stubborn so it takes me longer to get there.  I am working at staying active and eating healthier.”  



Here are just a few of the many client comments that made my heart bubble:

“She made my kitchen sing” 

“I started with sitting down exercises and began walking more until I made it a full mile”

“My family is eating what I cook, SUCCESS, thank you!!”

“After I heard you speak to our group, I started jogging with a friend and we have now completed our first 5K”

“Your workshop was so great, I learned more about myself in that one hour than I have in 40 years”