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If you are a member of the press or just want to learn more about Nita and the services that FIH provides, you have come to the right page!   Please browse through, then let us know if you have any questions or would like to schedule an event.  All contact information is below and we look forward to hearing from you!



We are excited to announce that FIH books are now available in soft, hard cover, and most digital formats:

Fall in Happy With YOU, 101 Thoughts to Create Happiness from Within

Fallinginhappy_book cover_3DFall in Happy with You is a compilation of motivational thoughts created to be a simple and quick read.  Life is busy, so the messages are laid out in a format that allows 101 thoughts to be quickly absorbed.  Get a copy today at your favorite online retailer (or give some as gifts *hint hint*)….


Barnes and Noble

Balboa Press (For direct purchase or retail discounts)

Also available on iTunes, Nook and Kindle




 From our readers:

” Hi Nita, I found your book and ordered it. I’ll share it with others and recommend it.  I read what was on Amazon.  Your life experience and insights will help so many women.  I wish I had this years ago” ~G

“My Kids and I are reading it together and it is helping with how they feel about themselves” ~R

“I’m keeping your book by my bedside table and every morning I open to a new thought, that I seem to need at that exact moment” ~L

“I love this book. It basically says that you can’t keep doing the same things if you want different results. Then not only gives suggestions to create change but also the how and why behind it” ~LF

“This book is so great, every one needs one of these in their home.  I’m getting four more for family members” ~S

“We read your book on our vacation and now we need ten more to give to friends, it is so simple and quick to read but helped us so much.  I’ve even bookmarked pages for my husband” ~J



About the Author and Coach of Falling in Happy:

Sunny Smiles

 Nita Pettibone is a Certified Health Coach, Wellness Educator, Fit Coach, Author and  Motivational Speaker that teaches classes, groups and individuals how to feel their  best.  Through her unique coaching style, Nita has been able to support thousands of  people with food and lifestyle changes to meet their goals and find balance in their  lives.  She is a proud mother, wife, and athlete that also worked for 15 Years in a high  stress, deadline driven, multi-media position and understands what can happen to the  body when you stop taking care of it.  Nita is the owner of Falling in Happy LLC which  helps busy women, high stress executives, and families create happiness from within.   She has found through her own wellness journey that when you fall in happy with yourself, anything is possible!

Nita has conducted workshops for corporations like Kimberly Clark and Brandan Enterprises Inc. as well as gyms, schools, daycare facilities, mom’s groups, and chiropractic offices.  She co-created an online virtual retreat for participants to find simple ways to bring wellness back in to their lives and has been a guest for several online events including the “Get over your Stinkin Thinkin” tele-summit.

Contributions around the web:

Nita Pettibone has appeared in the Knoxville News Sentinel, the MomForce Network blog, Farragut Press, the Mom Elite blog, Family Friendly Knoxville, the Happy Herbivore Blog, mindbodygreen, and so much more. She’s written articles, newsletters, or blog posts for a variety of companies, including CrossFit Knoxville, the original International Health Coach Association, Koko FitClubs of East Tennessee, Brad’s Raw Food Community, and appeared in one of Scott Shetler’s books called Plant-Based Performance.  Click here for a few links.  

If you would like some Falling in Happy style posts or want to feature wellness content in your own publication, contact Nita here.

Coaching and Workshop Testimonials:

“Your workshop was so great, I learned more about myself in that one hour than I have in 40 years”

“Recently I competed in my first weight lifting meet at the ripe age of 34 years young. With Nita’s help I was able to drop 9 pounds and place 3rd in the meet. I am forever grateful for all of the wisdom and support that Nita provided me.” ~Catherine

Fabulous speaker and even the kids learned stuff and had a great time!!  Thanks Ms. Nita you rock!” ~Katie

“What a knowledgable lady! Love listening to her advice!!”  ~ Heather

“I’m suddenly feeling happy for no reason, so glad I did this and hard to see it ending” ~Theresa



Contact Information:

Please feel free to contact Nita directly with questions, or if you are looking to schedule a media  appearance, corporate wellness initiative, or personal coaching consultation.

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  • Office Phone: 865-659-6482

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