FIH Travels Gallery

Welcome to the #FIHtravels gallery, where we are spreading happiness around the world, one thought at a time.  This page will continue to grow with more reader submitted photos, and I can’t wait to watch it expand.  If you have received your copy of Fall in Happy with YOU and would like it shared in the gallery (which will hopefully be updated soon to look way cuter), please submit an original picture to  Or tag Falling in Happy  via Facebook  or Instagram  and use hashtag #FIHtravels.

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Note…If you don’t want your face or name featured, just let me know in the email.  Annndddd,  last but not least, feel free to make the picture fun and original, showing something in your state or country that you’re proud of.   I reserve the right to not use any picture for any reason. If I do choose to use your picture, you may just get a magnet or fun thank you gift back depending on how many submissions are received.  I can’t guarantee that everyone will get a magnet or fun gift, as supplies are limited

If you have stumbled upon this page and don’t already have your copy or would like to send them as gifts, you can find FIH at most of your favorite book retailers.  Here are a couple to start with: Amazon , Barnes & Noble , Balboa Press!



Of course I love the message that FIH sends and want it to reach as many people as possible, but I’m also a little biased.   So I’ve compiled just a few notes that I’ve received from happy readers:


” Hi Nita, I found your book and ordered it. I’ll share it with others and recommend it.  I read what was on Amazon.  Your life experience and insights will help so many women.  I wish I had this years ago” ~G

“My Kids and I are reading it together and it is helping with how they feel about themselves” ~R

“I’m keeping your book by my bedside table and every morning I open to a new thought, that I seem to need at that exact moment” ~L

“I love this book. It basically says that you can’t keep doing the same things if you want different results. Then not only gives suggestions to create change but also the how and why behind it” ~LF

“This book is so great, every one needs one of these in their home.  I’m getting four more for family members” ~S

“We read your book on our vacation and now we need ten more to give to friends, it is so simple and quick to read but helped us so much.  I’ve even bookmarked pages for my husband” ~J