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beach_jumpingMy name is Nita and my mission in life is to help people find their Happy.

I realize Falling in Happy sounds silly, but it really is a state of mind!

You see, I got married straight out of high school to the man who stole my heart.

Twelve years later my Son joined our family and I became a Mom.  (best day of my life minus the pain by the way)

I wouldn’t change the past 25+ years for Anything.  But I’ve also spent a LOT of time working outside the home, sometimes upwards of 70+ hrs a week.  Most recently I had  the opportunity to work in Corporate America and I can’t even explain my gratitude for those experiences.

Along the way, I stopped taking care of myself.  I began functioning on 3-4hrs of sleep (like many people), taking care of the pets, family, house, job, keeping food on the table, the bills paid and hopefully the right shoes on everyone’s feet.

One day I noticed that my son had a glorious breakfast and lunch, yet I was running out the door with some apple chunks and potato chips.   I knew he was worth every bit of the healthy goodness I was giving him, so did this mean I didn’t find enough worth in myself to fuel my body properly?

At that point I realized that I didn’t know what made me “Happy” in my own right.  I knew how to make everyone else happy, I knew how to care for my family and work hard.  But if I looked in the mirror, I didn’t know who was looking back.  My entire adult life had been spent taking care of others.

Turns out I like a whole lot.  And when I changed my attitude, I changed my life.

Now I love eating mindfully and healthfully.  I  love the way my body feels when it is fueled properly.  I enjoy exercising, crafting, and taking time to myself.  I love healing through food and nutrition.  Even started making my own body care products and cleaners, kicked off a garden, compost, completed three half marathons, one full marathon, became an avid CrossFitter and started competing in local CrossFit events.

I enjoy every minute with my family and take nothing for granted.

Now I look in the mirror and I can smile at who is looking back.  I lost weight naturally, stay pain, and allergy free, feel good in my skin, and no longer take medications.  It is nice to know that when my son wants to go to the gym as a teen, I can keep up with him.  It is nice to be full of energy and ready to take on the day.

When I fell in Happy with myself, I was able to be my best for everyone else.  I realized that people forgot how to be happy and taught them how to find it again. This became the beginning to the rest of my life.  I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and there has been no looking back.

Falling in Love with someone else is a natural amazing experience.  Falling in Happy with yourself is a life changing event.

Now I’m able to follow my passion and show people their own way through Health, Wellness and Happiness!   As a coach, wellness educator, motivational speaker, and author; I’m able to work with individuals and groups to show that feeling great doesn’t have to be complicated.  Happiness is a choice.

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